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Suddenly Slender Body Wraps

Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap was invented by Victoria Morton in 1969. After having 5 children and finding it progressively more difficult to regain her figure, she developed the body wrap to resolve her own weight and water retention problems. Friends became impressed by the results, and spurred on by her strong desire to help others; she developed a commercial version of the wrap. The rest is history.

Each wrap has unique properties that you can use to help you achieve your desired goals for your body.

Read about the body wraps:

Lipase Body Wrap
SlenderTone Body Wrap
Anti-Aging Body Wrap
Dream Body Lay Down Wrap
Body Lift Wrap
Power Body Wrap
Face Taping

The results are obvious and instantaneous – you’ll see the difference on your very first visit! While many people have heard of body wrapping in general, very few people know anything about the different body wrap options available.


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